Somfy Axroll RTS Receiver Kit

Somfy Axroll RTS Receiver Kit

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Somfy Axroll RTS Receiver Kit

The AXROLL receiver is used to control a rolling garage door fitted with a 230V motor with mechanical built-in endstops using Keytis 2/4 RTS, Telis 1/4 RTS, and radio wall switch. 

Different safety and signaling systems can be connected to the AXROLL (resistive, OSE Fraba type or ultrasonic safety edge, photocells, flashlights, area lighting).


Tech Specs:

Power supply voltage : 230Vac 50Hz

Fuse : 250V 5A with timeout

Max motor power : 230Vac 750W

Protection rating : IP 55

Ambient operating T°: -15°C to +55°C

Radio frequency : 433.42MHz

Accessory power supply : 24Vcc (direct)

Resistance values for resistive sensor bar: From 4 to 12KΩ

Maximum current for accessories (cells, keypads, loops, sensor bar, etc...): 0.33A i.e. 8W max. or 13W intermittent (orange light 10W + accessories 3W) 

Orange light: 24V, 10W max or 230V 40W max

Area lighting: 230Vac, 500W

Auxiliary output: Contact NO, 250Vac 500W

Operating class: 1, the ground must be connected

Number of maximum channels: 32

Item dimensions (WxHxD): 150 x 150 x 40 mm 


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