NICE Rox 600 Kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit طقم ماتور باب سحاب


ماتور باب سحاب نوع نايس موديل روكس 600 لغاية 600 كغم، ماتور مميز The kit contains: 1 x NICE ROX 600 230V operator with built-in control unit 2 x NICE FLO2RE transmitter (2 channels) Customized keys (in case of power cut) Mounting hardw..

ريموت كنترول نوع نايس


Features: 433.92 MHz rolling code, with management of certificates and identity codes Approximately 3x faster automation response times thanks to advanced recognition systems High security 72 bit O-Code encoding Self-learning with built-i..

Nice Robus RB400 Kit


Description USER-FRIENDLY The Nice BlueBUS technology, enables to power and control a maximum of seven couples of photocells from the MoonBus series using two wires only. PRACTICAL The control unit and PS124 buffer battery (optional) can ..

NICE Rox 1000 Kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit 230V


تشمل الماتور بقوة سحب لغاية 1000 كيلو  مسننات لغاية 4 متر 2 ريموت كنترول لواح "فلاشر" عيون حماية كهروضوئية The kit contains:   1 x NICE ROX 1000 230V operator with built-in control unit 2 x NICE FLO2RE transmitter (2 channe..

Nice Run 400HS High Speed Sliding 24 Volt Kit موتور بوابة سريع ايطالي


Features: Safe and Intelligent Fully compatible with Nice's Solemyo solar power kit and Opera management system for GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity / operation Connection for EN compliant 8.2K safety edges The Nice Run series is equipped ..

Nice RUN 1800 Kg Sliding 24 Volt ماتور نايس سحاب لغاية 1800 كغم


ماتور باب سحاب ايطالي نوع نايس يجر لغاية 1800 كغم، يعتبر من الأفضل على مستوى العالم NICE RUN 1800: - 1 Run1800 230 V reducer motor with incorporated control logic  - Electromechanical limit switch - Power 700watts (3 A) - Built-in capacitor ..

Nice RUN 2500 Kg Sliding Inverter


Description NICE RUN 2500 Single Kit Sliding gates weighing up to 2500kg Ventilated motor with inductive limit switch (RUN2500P) Electro-mechanical limit switch (RUN2500) User friendly: the BlueBUS technology, enables to power and cont..

Nice RUN 2500 Kg Sliding 24 Volt


BASIC INFORMATION Motor power supply24 V Leaf maximum width - Leaf maximum weight 600 kg Motor typeelectronmechanical MOTOR TECHNICAL DATA Power Supply230/24 V Current draw 2,5 A Max Power 515W Duty cycle 100 cycles/day ..

Control Panel Nice Mindy A20 MC-200+2 Remote


NICE MC200 control panel  ..

FAST swing Gate Kit NICE TO5024HS Up to 400 Kg -5Mt Leaf


طول الذراع 96.5 سم وزن الدفة اكبر من 400 كغم طول الدفة أقل من 5 متر ا لقوة العظمى 1800 نيوتن الجهد المستخدم 24 فولت القدرة 120 واط التشغيل في اليوم : 75 مرة السرعة 0.018 متر لكل ثانية..

Giro Roller Motor


  High performance Unbeatably flexible use Smoother operation Quick and Easy Installation Simple system for releasing both motors at the same time. Easy limit switch adjustment ELECTRICAL DATA Power supply (Vac/Hz) 230/50 ..

Nice Loop Detector MD2010


10-40VDC or 7-28 VAC Operating voltage Visual LED status indicators Audible and visual diagnostics Automatic sensitivity..

Nice Receiver OX1


Easy to use: 433.92 MHz trasmitter. Nice 4 channel reciever has its own secret identification number known as a Certificate to distinguish it from others. The Certificate can also be programmed on the trasmitter in the One range with uses it as..

Nice Receiver OX2 (Without Remotes)


NICE Ox2 is a high quality receiver that will take the monitoring of your electric gate and garage door openers to the next level. Programming NICE Ox2 is the easiest thing in the world. NICE Ox2 Receiver NICE Ox2 isa user-friendly receiver tha..

Nice Remote Control Era Flor


Remote Control Nice ERA FLOR (2 Channels)  ..

Nice Road barrier WideS Up 3M حاجز | مقص | لغاية 3 متر


3m Electromechanical road barrier for control of road access. 24 Vdc gear motor, with built-in control unit. Open speed 4.0 s Adjustable speed and anti-crush safety function. More comfort and safety in programming and maintenance. Large front doo..

NICE Robus RB1000 Sliding Gate Opener Kit 24 Volt


Nice RB1000 Automatic Sliding Gate Operator (Kit) 2 Nice Inti 2 (2 Button) Remote Controls Oxi Receiver Card Quality Italian Made Product 24 Month Warranty on Parts Same Day Shipping Australia Wide PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Deposi..

Nice Robus RB500HS Sliding 24 Volt Kit ماتور باب سحب سريع لغاية 500 كغم


Description For hi-speed automation of sliding gates weighing up to 500kg or up to 8m long User-friendly: thanks to the Nice BlueBUS technology, the control unit can be connected to up to seven couples of photocells, control, security and signa..

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