Unipos Module FD5301

Unipos Module FD5301

  • الشركة : Unipos
  • النوع : ملحقات نظام الحريق UniPOS
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • رقم المنتج UN900104
  • الموديل 5301E
  • Instruction manual

  • ₪605.00

Unipos Module FD5301


Module FD5301 is designed to operate together with Fire Extinguishing Control Panel FS5200E.
The device allows remote access on a part of the panel controlling components and indicators, related with the extinguishing process.

The remotely controlled panel basic functions are:
– Manual activation of Extinguishing;
– Selecting the Control Panel Modes of operation – Manual/Auto mode or only Manual mode;
– Disable Extinguishing;
– Hold Extinguishing.

The following indicators are duplex controlled:
– Fire Condition 2nd Stage;
– Disable Extinguishing;
– Gas Released;
– Manual Mode;
– Manual/Auto Mode.


Тechnical Data

Indication: LED
Power Supply: 28 V DC of the Control Panel or an autonomous power supply, compatible with the EN54-4 requirements
Dimensions: (313х218х85) mm
Weight: 1,125 kg

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