MA-1000 M-tech Intelligent Analog Addressable 2-Loop Fire Alarm Panel

MA-1000 M-tech Intelligent Analog Addressable 2-Loop Fire Alarm Panel

  • الشركة : M-tech
  • النوع : أجهزة حريق معنونة معتمدة UL
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • رقم المنتج MT900451
  • المرجع WH09A
  • الموديل MA-1000
  • مواصفات اللوحة

  • ₪5,000.00

MA-1000 M-tech Intelligent Analog Addressable 2-Loop Fire Alarm Panel

MA-1000 - MTech

MA-1000 Analog Addressable Panel

MTech’s MA-1000 range is an intelligent analog addressable fire alarm control panel with a two-loop configuration, with
a future option of a four-loop operation. The MA product series abide to UL864 9th Edition standards, and are in accordance with current standards of the Russian and Israeli Standards Associations.

The MA-1000 panel uses “spur tolerant” soft addressing to minimise installation time and remove the potential for errors associated with manual addressing. It assigns multiple addresses and saves addresses of removed

devices for future use without affecting the remaining devices.

Offered with the MA-1000 is an analog sub-control
extension panel, the MA-1000SUB, with multiple interfacing connections to the main panel.

All MTech fire detection system components operate as part of a fully integrated system with its panel, detectors, interfaces and other ancillaries in full compatibility with each other.

System Functionality

Four row graphic display that provides a simple and comprehensive menu-driven end-user interface: 64-character backlit LCD display (4 lines with 16 characters on each line)

Holds up to 150 addressable devises per loop including a mixture of call points, detectors, interfaces, beacons and loop sounders.

Designed to ensure future expansion: Even after the system has been programmed, the panel can allocate the next available address without altering any of the existing address number allocation.

Uses soft addressing during commissioning: Addresses are locked until manually altered to enable simple system additions and deletions without affecting other addresses.

Maintains full system integrity in the event of an external short-circuit fault: The panel’s short circuit isolators on the devices nearest to each side of the short-circuit open to isolate a fault in the system and drives communication from both ends of the loop to sustain full communication with all system devices.

Multiple stages and complex cause and effect programming: The panels are designed with a wide range of user controllable functions with three stages of cause-and-effect programming per output device to meet the needs of a wide range of small to large scale projects.

Four programmable nAC’s: The panel includes four programmable output NAC’s with a maximum load of 1.2A.

Programmable relays: The panel is designed with three programmable relays, one dedicated alarm relay, and one dedicated trouble relay.

Power Supply: 6.5 amp


Two Class A Loops, with a future option of four loop operation

Approved to UL864 9th Edition/ NFPA 2007 Compliant

In accordance with Russian and Israeli fire standards

Menu driven programming

Soft addressing

Up to 150 addressable devices per loop

Short circuit isolators incorporated into each loop device

Four programmable NAC’s

Three programmable relays

One dedicated alarm relay

One dedicated trouble relay

RS232 and RS485

Easy to program

Up to 16 panels on network

6.5 amp power supply

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